Your 2015 Tax Time Checklist

As Tax Time 2015 fast approaches I thought I would answer a frequently asked question, “What should I bring to my Tax Appointment?” This is a favourite question of mine because it means my clients want to be prepared for me. It makes me feel special! It also means they want to get the best result out of their Tax Return, and that’s exactly what I work hard towards each Tax Return I prepare.  So here’s a handy list of items you must take to your appointment with your Tax Agent;

  • PAYG Payment Summaries – or Group Certificates if you are old school like me.
  • Interest earned in bank accounts – you can find this information on your internet banking, look for interest earnt during financial year.
  • Share Dividend Statements or other investment statements.
  • Donations over $2.
  • Cost of having your Tax Return prepared last year.
  • Private Health Insurance Statement – this will be sent out to each member with a policy over the next few weeks. It is recommended that you wait until you receive this before having your tax prepared.
  • Bank Account details – this is required for the refund to be deposited. The ATO no longer issue cheques for refund.
  • For work related expenses -receipts, receipts, and more receipts! The more you keep during the year, the better. Depending on your industry, you may be able to claim on use of your Motor Vehicle, Travel expenses, use of Phone, use of home office, and uniforms or protective wear.

You may need to bring additional documents if your tax affairs are more complex, for example if you have an investment property, sold an asset during the year, or if you are a small business owner. If you would like a more comprehensive list contact me today.