Why your Tax Agent is your best friend

This is my best friend Phoebe. She is my faithful companion and helps me get the most out of life. As a Tax Agent I love to help people get the most out of their Tax Returns and general financial wellbeing. That’s why I want to be your best friend, I promise not to dig up your garden!  Each year Tax Time comes around quick. It’s such a pleasure to see Individual Tax Return clients during this time, as it is often the only time I see them. It’s great to catch up with them and see what happened during the year, see the kids grow, hear about holidays, and discuss the changes to their tax affairs.  It’s often during the catch up that I highlight changes that can affect their financial wellbeing. One tax time I was with a client preparing their Tax Return, I started to ask about the family and the kids, and they started complaining about how expensive the kids braces were. This led me to claiming medical expenses for them, and they didn’t even know they could.  I like to get to know my clients, and become friends so I can maximise their deductions and increase their wealth. Here are 5 tips why I can be your friend; 1. By getting to know you I can dig out deductions, offsets, and benefits you may not be aware of.  2. During your Tax Appointment I will ask questions about your employment. By understanding your role, I can find deductions for you, and discuss how best to claim them.  3. Family Tax Benefits are not a Tax Agent’s area of expertise however by generally discussing what you may be entitled to I can help you achieve financial success.  4. I can give you advice around Private Health Insurance and whether it saves you tax, or when should you take it out.  5. In our conversation we can discuss any future plans you may have financially. You may be looking at buying a home, going into business, or selling those shares you have held onto for so long. I enjoy helping clients achieve their financial and personal goals every year.  I will sniff out those deductions, dig out the right information, become your best friend at Tax Time and beyond. If you would like to be friends with your Tax Agent contact me today.