Why you should not use myTax

The Australian Tax Office estimates that two million taxpayers will use myTax this Tax Time. The online service has been streamlined to help people lodge their own tax quickly and easily. However as a Tax Agent I want to advise caution using this service.  I understand if your tax affairs are simple this is an ideal service to use. However myTax does not replace what a Tax Agent can do for you.  Tax Agents do more than lodge your return.  We ensure you are aware of all the deductions you may be eligible for.  We also have the knowledge to discuss any other financial benefits you may be eligible for including Family Tax Benefits.  I hear so often clients saying “I used myTax last year and something went wrong”, “I entered everything and it said I had to pay tax”, and many other issues with myTax. It is so easy to make a mistake which could affect your tax return, your family tax benefits, or you child support payments. If you aren’t sure what to do, you should get assistance from a Tax Agent.  I recently had a client come to do their tax return with me when previously they had lodged it themselves. I was able to claim twice the amount of deductions from the previous year because he wasn’t aware of what he could claim. The client was also able to walk away with advice on what receipts to keep for next year which will help his deductions for 2016.  Ultimately the best reason to do your tax return with a Tax Agent is we can ensure you get everything you are entitled to, you will understand your tax obligations, and you receive a service beyond tax time. Call me today to get your 2015 Tax Return lodged.