Why a 12 Week Challenge makes me a good Tax Agent

For the past 8 weeks I have been part of a 12 Week Challenge. With  4 weeks to go I thought I’d share why I have enjoyed all the burpees, squats, dead leg lifts, planks, star jumps, boxing, and running. As a Tax Agent I don’t get to move around a lot. Sitting in front of a computer can put a strain on my body and my brain sometimes. I have been committing to 4-5 outdoor training sessions a week to help balance out my life. I decided to do a 12 Week Challenge to get moving, and joining in a group who all have the same motivation. The group have been so supportive, and it has helped me keep my motivation up, especially while approaching Tax Time. The 12 week challenge has helped me stay focused during Tax Appointments. By moving more during training, I have more focus when preparing every single Individual Tax Return. I strive to achieve the best outcome for clients during Tax Time, and this helps me go all-out to achieve my fitness goals. Life Work balance is also a personal goal of mine, as it should be of all small business owners. I know some of you have just had a giggle, and I understand why. You will often find me in the office on a Saturday, late after 5pm on weekdays, and sometimes I even write a blog or two on a Sunday. By committing to as many sessions of training a week, I can achieve some work life balance and reduce the risk of burning myself out. If you want to achieve some work life balance think about doing somethingContact Us for yourself. How about a massage? Thanks to Mel and Tristan at Evolution Health Services who have been whipping me into shape. They give me inspiration to train hard, work hard in my business, and celebrate my successes.

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