Why a 12 week challenge makes me a good Tax Agent – Part 2

I am an accountant and Tax Agent which means I sit at a desk all day long. This has meant I have become inactive and put on a fair bit of weight over the 8 years of Tax returns.  Well I decided this needed to change. That’s why I decided to join Evolution Health Services 12 week challenge. Best decision I have made for a long time.  The 12 week challenge has allowed me to push myself, reach goals, and lose weight. I lost a total of 7.4 kilos and a huge 36 cms off my body.  My biggest goal during the challenge was to run 1 km. I told Melissa I thought it might be a little hard to achieve. 10 weeks in I surprised myself by achieving this, and loving every centimetre of it.  Best part about the challenge is the friends I have made. The whole group has bonded over the challenge, supported each other, and shared in the highs and lows. Read their inspirational stories including Kristen’s, Kerianne, Janelle, and Peita’s.  5F5282 9205Df21F2C94133814Aab577Dc3758B

And there’s the trainers Melissa and Tristan Woodward. I had the pleasure of seeing these two beautiful people get hitched and share in their special day. They have become good friends, and are awesome trainers. Tristan has a knack for reading my mind, and seeing when I’m not pushing myself. He gently urges me to push further, there’s no cliché yelling.  When I’m sore from doing tax and doing training I go see Mel for a massage, she has awesome hands. They have been a vital part of my success in this challenge. Thanks Mel & Tristan! I can’t wait to start the next challenge. My goals for this challenge include losing another 7 kilos, running more, and doing a proper push up. Bring it on!