Who is part of your team?

Being self employed in Small Business can be a lonely time. I often go into the office and chat to myself. However it is great to have a team to help support you, give you guidance and a whip when needed.  Your team could include any number of people. My team consists of a great coach, a fantastic personal trainer, a marketing expert, a supportive IT provider, a reliable graphic designer, a wellness teacher, and a remedial massage therapist. Not exactly your typical list, but all these people help me achieve what I need to in life and business.  Especially my massage therapist!  One of my team is Serena Dot Ryan. She is all things digital marketing and is also another small business owner. She wrote a great article about the 5 Key People you should have in your team. She understands the importance of a supportive team, including a good accountant.  People underestimate how important it is to have a good accountant on their team. I’m not really referring to the quality of the accountant’s qualifications. A good accountant is someone you can understand,who you trust and like to discuss important financial issues with. Even though Accountants are not financial advisers we often discuss the most important financial things with clients. I encourage clients to ask questions, any questions. There is never a silly question. If you don’t feel comfortable asking your accountant the question then I believe you should re-evaluate your relationship with them.  So if you are a business owner, or an employee I encourage you to review your accountant in 2016. Are they helping you? Can you talk to them? Want to talk to someone fresh? Contact me today. We can have a free consult to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have about how I can help.