What to bring to your Tax Appointment 2017

It’s that time of the year again! When the number one question I get asked is ‘what should I bring to my tax appointment?’. Here’s my handy cheat sheet to make your tax appointment easier. 
Your Income Documents;
  • Payment summaries – These could be from your employer, your super fund, or Centrelink. 
  • Bank statements – Or statements to show how much Interest you have earned. 
  • Shares, unit trusts or managed funds statements – Showing Dividends and other types of income.
  • Sale documents – if you have sold an investment.
  • Rental Property Statement – Showing all income earned during the year (and any expenses)
  • Foreign Pension Statements

Other Documents needed;

  • Private health insurance statement. 
  • Donation receipts – anything over $2 from a registered charity is deductible.
  • Spouse Income Details.

  • Log Book and Motor Vehicle expenses.

  • Uniform Receipts – including protective shoes or items.

  • Association or Union costs – or any industry related costs.

  • Any Work related expenses you think you might be able to claim. 

  • Income Protection Insurance costs – paid by the individual (not super fund).

  • Rental Property Expenses including interest accrued on any loans.

  • Bank Account Details for any refunds to be deposited.

  • Tax File Number or Notice of Assessment.

A copy of your previous Tax Return is helpful if going to a new Tax Agent, as it gives us a sense of what has been claimed before and what is reasonable to claim now. If any documents are hard to locate, ask your Tax Agent about them, as we may be able to access these on the Tax Agent Portal.  Want to Book an Appointment? Book Online Now.