Vision of Start Fresh Accounting

I started Start Fresh Accounting back in 2014 to create my own life and freedom. It feels like so long ago. Yesterday I found some brainstorming I did back then for names and my vision.  From the photo you can see I was trying to get down on paper what I wanted Start Fresh Accounting to embody, and continue to strive for.

  • Fresh I want to be different from other Accountants. Yes I am a nerd and love numbers, but I consider myself to be different from your traditional Accountant.
  • Effective Doing your tax & accounting is not the most fun task in life. I want to ensure anything I help you with is effective for you, and that you get value out of my service.
  • Dynamic I want to stand out from the crowd. I remember back when I first started in Public Practice. I went to my first conference and was faced with a sea of black jackets. I had turned up in a bright blue jacket.
  • Vital I want to be vital in helping you achieve your financial goals. Having an Accountant as part of your team helps you get the most out of your financial affairs.  Other words I brainstormed included: flourish, bloom, sprout, grow, and blossom. This is where the idea of my branding stemmed. Start a new leaf!  I am passionate about Small Business as well as Individuals and take a genuine interest in every client. If you need to have a fresh start, contact Start Fresh Accounting today.