The Power of Knowing Where You Should Be Online

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Serena Dot Ryan is a DIY Digital Marketing Specialist, who educates and empowers businesses to successfully grow through Digital Marketing education. Here’s what I have learnt from Serena Dot Ryan. 

As a small business owner I have often thought I need to be on every possible social media or online forum to get out there. This is not always the best idea, and it is very overwhelming to think of how many there is. I attended some training for social media and it was extremely overwhelming and I went away with no information about where I should be or when.

What is my purpose for being online?

I started questioning this with all I do thanks to preparing my digital blueprint with Serena Dot Ryan.

Take LinkedIn for example.

At one time I thought I HAD to be on LinkedIn. I feverishly completed my profile, added links, added work experience, and put all the bells and whistles on it.

And then what? I didn’t know what my purpose with LinkedIn was. I didn’t know who my target audience was here, and what message I wanted to put out.

So I stopped. And that’s as far as I have gotten.

I am now slowly starting to language who I want to reach on LinkedIn and what I want to say. I believe my audience on this platform is very different to Facebook, which is where my online presence is mostly. Facebook combined with my website (which I developed with DIY training with Serena) has increased my online presence with purpose and is creating business for me.

My top 5 tips for being online;

1.       Pick your audience/target market

2.       Identify where you can reach this audience the most

3.       Language what your message is

4.       Pinpoint what your purpose of engaging with your audience is

5.       Be consistent in your message across all marketing – whether this is print, digital or in person

My biggest tip in Small Business – you cannot be everything to everyone, and that applies to digital too.