Tax Deductions made easy

Tax Deductions made easy

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Every Occupation has different deductions they can claim. The ATO has a whole list of helpful guides for each occupation here.

Here is a list for Tax Deductions made easy for you

  • Defence Force members – can claim for fitness expenses if their role requires them to maintain a level above the ADF standards.
  • Building & Construction workers – can claim driving between jobs on the same day, sunglasses or anti-glare glasses to prevent injury, or sun protection if required to be outside for long periods.
  • Cleaners – can claim cost of protective items including gloves, safety glasses, goggles and breathing masks.
  • Engineers – can claim the cost of insuring tolls and equipment needs for your role.
  • Flight Crew – you can’t claim the cost of makeup, or plain clothing required by your employment contract, but you can claim re-hydrating moisture’s and hair conditioners used due to being in the air.
  • Media Professionals – can claim for pay TV if it’s required for their role.
  • Mining Site employees – can claim for meals when away from home overnight, or for overtime meals when your employer has paid you an allowance for this.
  • Performing artists – cannot claim on any expenses for auditions, including costumes or styling, however they can claim these if it’s for an existing role they must maintain.
  • Police – can claim for equipment, or protective uniforms required for their role. They also may be able to claim on maintaining fitness if a high level of fitness is required.
  • Professional Sportspeople – can claim travel to and from training, matches, or events needed. They may also be able to claim costs for fitness, fines and penalties earned for on field conduct, and agent fees.
  • Real Estate Employees – can claim cost of gifts purchased for promotional needs. They can also claim on any expenses for styling and or decorating properties to rent or sell.
  • Train drivers – if you are required to pay for a taxi or uber in between stations you can claim on this expense.
  • Truck drivers – can claim the cost of protective uniforms, including boots and sunglasses. Also can claim on the cost of showers on long haul trips.

These are just a few of the unique deductions out there. It’s important to discuss your employment with your Tax Agent to highlight any deductions you might be eligible for.

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