Tax Tips for Busy Teachers

Teachers Tax Tips


Some Tax Agents specialize in certain industries. I prepare returns for a range of industries, however I am slowly becoming an expert at teachers tax deductions. I didn’t realize this was happening until 2017 tax time. I have about 30-50 teachers on my database. The deductions are very similar. Which means when a new client comes to me who happens to be a teacher, I know exactly what to ask them about their deductions. 

Here are some quick tax tips for busy teachers;

  • Keep all your receipts for supplies. You might be doing this in your regular shop so its hard to remember, but the more you keep and more you can claim,

  • Don’t forget to note down kilometers. You might not drive much for work, because you are in class. But there will be the odd excursion, workshop, course, or training you need to drive to. You don’t need a log book, but just make a note of the kms, where you went, and why. 

  • Do you have any subscriptions or associations? Teachers often have industry related subscriptions which are deductible. Some are mandatory, some are not. As long as they are related to your teaching it can be claimed. 

  • Do you do playground duty? Or sports days? You should keep receipts for any sun protection purchased. This may include sun hat, sun glasses, and sunscreen. You will also be able to claim for protective shoes for being on your feet. 

There are many more deductions teachers can claim, and its best to see a tax agent to maximize these deductions. If you aren’t sure you can claim something, best to keep the receipt and ask the question. 

If you need a Tax agent who knows teachers, book today for your tax return.