Strong Women Run Through My Family

2016 has been a tough year personally so far. My family has had to deal with the unexpected passing of my uncle (my Mum’s brother), and all the things that go with that. My Aunt Kath has been receiving radiation treatment on her breast during this time of grief as well, and on Monday she has her very last dose. To make all this harder, my family live in Port Macquarie, some 500 kilometers away.  This ‘tough’ time has lead me to reflect on my family in general and how strong we are when we are together. Separate us and we are weak, but unite us and we are a powerful force to reckon with!  The most powerful part of that force is the Mothers. My Mum, My Nan, My Aunt, and My Cousin are the backbone of my family. So today in celebration of Mothers Day I want to acknowledge all the Mum’s out there by sharing my top 4 things I love about my Mum.

1. She makes me smileI probably don’t tell her enough how much I love her, or how she makes me smile. She has a way of always doing the nicest things when I’m not expecting it. When we go out for dinner she always wants to say ‘Cheers’ with a drink. It’s like she is celebrating life each time.

2. She would do anything to help meThis is a common trait for Mothers, and at 32 it shouldn’t be taken for granted!

3. I enjoy spending time with herWe are very similar and get along really well. We can always tell when we need to spend time together as we get a bit snippy at each other. We have been on holidays together a lot. The above photo was a great trip to New Zealand a few years ago.

4. She never gives up This one is an inter-generational one. My family breeds women tough, to never give up, and if something gets us down we just get back up again. Take my Nan for example. She is an amputee, and wears a prosthesis. We didn’t think she would walk again after losing her leg, but she did it. She conquered it through physio and practice. She even danced at my 30th Birthday.  Happy Mothers Day to all the Mum’s out there. Special thoughts with those who have lost their Mum’s.