Strong Women Run Through My Family Part 2

5F5282 9D78Ce1B2Dfd4C6196Da7F04A9C9Af38Mv2 You might have read my blog in May about what a big year its been for my family. I just spotted it on my website and realised how much has happened even since then.  This photo was taken not long after my uncle passing away and it was a rare moment of laughter for us. To me it shows how strong we can be in our vulnerability. We have been through a rough year but still have time to share a laugh when we can.  For example, last week my Nan was in hospital having some surgery for cancer in her lung. The doctor was concerned for her heart while having this surgery so she went through rigorous testing prior to being admitted. She passed every test with flying colours. During her time in ICU the nurses did not know what to do with her. She was too well. They don’t have many well patients in their ward. Whilst we were visiting her in ICU she wanted to go outside for fresh air. Again the nurse did not know what to do. So she hooked her up with an oxygen tank and wheeled her through ICU to a balcony. Nan even carried her own Oxygen tank. As we rolled through the hospital we heard gasps from the nurses “she’s carrying her own oxygen tank”. We could not stop laughing at this.  My Nan is amazing. She has had more than enough to knock her down this year, but she keeps getting back up. Here is three things I have learnt from her this year: 1. Strength comes from within and from your support network. A key learning this year for me, surround yourself with supportive people and believe in yourself.  2. Vulnerability brings strength.In moments of vulnerability you often find strength you didn’t know you had.  3. Just keep going. Or as Ellen says “just keep swimming’.  What have you learnt this year from challenges that you have faced? Do you have strong women in your family? Look to them for some amazing inspiration. I do.