Start 2017 with a bang!

How was your 2016 financially? Did you reach all your goals? 2017 could be your fresh start. Running my own business is the biggest challenge financially I have ever had, and I learn new things all the time. 2016 was a fantastic year for me, I planned for my busy times, I saved for my quiet times, and I paid for an awesome holiday. For 2017 my focus is paying off any debts I have hanging over from when I worked full time. I have just written out my plan to pay off my credit card debt – and I will stick to it!  Here are my simple tips to start the year off with a bang.  1. Plan ahead – set some financial goals. By writing down your goals you are more likely to stick to it and achieve it. This might be a large goal like paying off your mortgage, or a small goal like buying that watch. Identify your goal, then break it down into small steps to achieve it.
2. Set A Budget.By working out what your budget is, you can work out if you have any excess money to save, or put to that goal. If your budget doesn’t have any room to move, you should review your expenses and see if you cut anything back. I calculated that I spent about $100 on coffee each month. Imagine what I could do with that money if I cut back?!  3. Save money by reviewing your expenses.You can save money by reviewing your regular expenses like insurances, mortgage repayments, or credit card rates. Health check these items regularly to ensure you are understand exactly what you are paying for and if there’s any savings to be had.  4. Keep the tax man away.This is a regular tip from me as it is important. If you haven’t lodged your 2016 tax return yet, just do it! Keeping your lodgements up to date is important not only to keep ‘the tax man’ away but to help you in achieving the goals you have set above. For more information contact me today.  My wish for you in 2017 is that you achieve everything you want. With hard work and perseverance you can achieve anything! If I can help you with any Tax & Accounting issues please get in touch.  Disclaimer – the information above is not financial advice, and no reliance can be made on it. It is opinion based and does not reflect your personal financial circumstances. If you need financial advice please get in touch and we can refer you to a financial adviser partner.