School Holiday Ideas on a budget

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Tax Time isn’t the only thing just around the corner. School Holidays is almost upon us aswell and it got me thinking, what can you do during school holidays that doesn’t cost the earth. Whilst I do not have any kids I need to entertain during the school holidays, this blog has been in my head for a while now and I wanted to share it.  Free stuff to do:

  • The Art gallery of NSW runs school holiday programs which usually involve art stations, or classes that are free. Visiting the gallery would make a great day out, and might be something really different. Located in the beautiful domain it would be lovely on a sunny day too.
  • The local library also caters for school holidays with programs, check their website for whats on.  As a kid, my father would take me to the library every week to borrow books. It was a highlight for me, and you’d be surprised what you can borrow these days.
  • Depending on the child’s age, check out which favourite characters are staring in the shopping center shows. I have a good friend that loves school holidays for all the great shows during school holidays. Free entertainment for her little one.

Other ideas:

  • Look at loyalty programs for your local cinema like CineBuzz for Event. They often promote family deals for school holidays or special screenings for kids movies.
  • Check out deals with websites like Scoopon or Lasttix for fun activities at a lower cost.
  • Consider buying a yearly membership for attractions like the aquarium or reptile park. This way you go visit as many times as you want and get value for money. As a kid we had a membership for Sydney’s Wonderland, and oh I wish it was still there.

There’s so many more things you could do. Check your local paper for any local events happening. Local council’s often fund local events to entertain and bring the community together.