Personal Accounting

Start Fresh Accounting are dedicated to maximising personal tax returns for every client. Our taxation expertise includes investment properties, Capital Gains Tax, personal tax offsets, and all deduction categories.

Different industries have different deductions available and we pride ourselves on understanding a wide range of industries. We take a genuine interest in your employment as this can assist us in maximising your tax return.

Your personal circumstances are also important to understand to prepare your income tax return, and we take the time to get to know you, and give you advice on more than just tax.

Personal Accounting

What to bring for your tax appointment.




* Including Pensions, Sickness Benefits, Parenting Payments, Newstart, Austudy and Youth Allowance. Please note that in many circumstances you will not be issued with a statement for these payments, if you aren’t sure check first with your accountant or Centrelink.




Other Documents

Every family and individual is different, however their goals of paying minimum tax whilst receiving a maximum return, stay the same. Start Fresh Accounting look forward to assisting your financial goals, by asking the right questions.