FAQ: Should I use eTax?

eTax or myTax is the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) version of lodging your Tax Return online. I don’t have any problems with people using it, as I know it’s very convenient and easy to use. It works well with people who have very simple tax affairs and the lodgement process can take only minutes. However, I can promise almost every time I do someone’s tax who has used eTax previously, I find something they missed, or an error that occurred.  Take Emma for example. She came to see me last year after she tried to lodge with eTax. She completed the return online and was shocked to see she owed money. Without the knowledge of what she could claim, she would have paid more tax than she needed. I ran through all her deductions and managed to get a great result for her.  Preparing your Tax Return is only a small part of what I can do for you. I go beyond doing your tax, by ensuring you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to. For example, so often I have clients come to see me that aren’t claiming any Family Tax Benefits. They are shocked to find out that they are eligible based on their taxable income. I had a client who hadn’t claimed any benefits for several years. Centrelink back dated her payments and she got a large lump sum. What a surprise!  If you have used eTax in the past but would like to see what I can do for you, book an appointment today. I invite you to consider the difference an experienced Tax Agent can make to your return.