Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and so many businesses are cashing in on this promotional opportunity. I thought I’d take the opportunity to sell my services – Tax Returns & Accounting!  Ha ha ha, not the first thing you would think of for Valentine’s Day! However, I would like to take the opportunity to highlight some important reasons you will fall in love with me as your Tax Agent in 2016! 

  • I will ensure you have claimed everything you are entitled too. 
  • I can help you get sorted and organised. 
  • You can ask me any questions, I’m always here to help. 
  • I can help you and your business in achieving your financial goals.
  • Numbers are important to me, however you the client is the most important thing to me. 

If you would like to find out how I can help you, call me today On a lighter note, I read a funny article last week about pick-up lines for Accountants.  I thought of some of the lines were so funny, and so on point. If you want to make a Tax Agent happy here’s a few tips of my own:– whisper “I have so many receipts, you will need to start a spreadsheet”– use words like ‘deduction’, ‘expense’, ‘debit’, and ‘tax reform’ in everyday conversations with them,– or the BIG one – buy them stationary! or Coffee!