Does your Small Business need my help?

I received an email today from a client which really made my day. I have been working with the client for 6 months now to get their accounting systems working, their record keeping efficient, and ensuring they are up to date with their lodgements. These things are hard work for a lot of clients because it doesn’t come naturally to them. That’s where I can help.  The client has been in business for a number of years, with the last 12 months being an extremely busy one with rapid growth and change. This isn’t always easy when you are busy because certain processes get pushed to the side. They implemented a strategy to improve the business processes and improve profitability.  Here’s a list of achievements the client pointed out in their email;

  1. A new accounting system was set up. Reducing the time to process records and improving efficient in their business.
  2. Invested into the business by upgrading equipment.
  3. Refocused their marketing strategies by reviewing which campaigns did not add value.
  4. Rebranded.
  5. Presented at several community events.
  6. Established a network of returning customers in a target market.
  7. Established a dedicated team of staff allowing the client to gain their Sunday back.
  8. Found an affordable venue option for events.
  9. Had their first media exposure in the local paper.
  10. Up to date with all BAS and Tax Returns.
  11. Improved their delivery system ensuring customers a reliable service.
  12. Hired a disability worker.
  13. Improved quality control ensuring they never have to issue a refund.

Wow, what a list! Whilst I play a small part in all their success this year, I believe I have been integral to getting the client to this point. I love working with clients like this one to help small business. Do you need me part of small business team? Call me today.