Does your Small Business need help?

I love Small Business. It’s so great to see a client start working in their area of passion, or work towards achieving financial freedom. I work with lots of different Small Business Owners as a Tax Agent. I enjoy working with every one of the businesses as I use my experience across all industries.  What can I help you with? Taxation Many people think Taxation is only completing your tax return. Taxation is much more than that. It can be the key to your business succeeding, or winding up. It could be the key to your loan being approved, or not. I always want to ensure my clients get the most out of whatever their tax situation may be.  Record Keeping Do you have a system like the old cash register? Maybe it is time for a review and a reinvention. I am not an advocate for change just because it’s old, I always want to promote whatever will work for the client the best. If it’s more complex than needed, we need to find a better fit. From spreadsheets to Xero, I help clients get sorted and make it simple for them.  Accounting for Small Business Do you need help understanding your Profit & Loss, or Balance Sheet? This is where it is important for you to have an Accountant you understand to explain what all the figures mean. Often the financial statements are done, and never looked at again. There should be more value in these statements than compliance.  Much More Do you have a burning question? Ask me today. I’m here to help.