Do you want to see more blue sky?

One of my goals for 2016 was to book, pay for and go on a summer holiday. To a small business owner who is essentially still a baby compared to other businesses, this was not a easy goal. That’s why I enjoyed taking the above photo so much. It was on Mystery Island, somewhere in the south pacific. It’s a picture perfect place, and I enjoyed every minute.  What goal are you working toward this year? Have you written it down? They say by writing down your goals they become more concrete and more achievable. I like to place them somewhere I will see it often, to remind me why I’m working hard. Working towards goals can be overwhelming too. The key to making them more achievable is to break them down into smaller steps. My business coach used to say to me, “what can you do to achieve this goal right now?”. The answer may only be research holiday, or identify budget for holiday, but this is one step closer to seeing that blue sky.  How can I help you achieve your goal in 2017?  As you know I am a Tax Nerd with a passion for Tax Returns. However I can help you with lots of aspects to enrich your financial life. I’m here to answer your questions. I will always provide an honest and frank answer and if I can’t help you I will lead you in the right direction. I like my clients to feel comfortable to chat to me about their financial issues and concerns.