You might not know this about me but I am a Creative Accountant. It’s not what it sounds like. I was once an Art Student. In fact I had some success when I was a kid by winning in the Fishers Ghost Art Prize two years in a row. My one passion in High School was to go to art school and learn to perfect my skills as a painter and drawer. However once I got there I realised it wasn’t for me.  I attended UWS at Nepean for a whole year before I quit in search of something I really loved. I still love Art, but Art school wasn’t my cup of tea. I expected it to be painting classes, and life drawing the whole time. What they really wanted was performance art and digital skills. There was one student that did a piece of work that consisted of him throwing himself down a flight of stairs. The professors loved that.  So at 19 I had quit Uni and no purpose in life. Every teenagers story right?! I was bookish at school, but never really relied on my grades because I was going to Art school. Someone suggested I tried Tafe and I liked that idea because the Uni experience had left me cold.  Tafe was awesome. I ended up spending two years there, and left with an Advanced Diploma of Accounting, and lifelong friends. I had finally found something I was really good at and loved in Accounting. I continued my study with a Bachelor of Accounting, and a Masters of Financial Planning. I am currently completing my CPA, which will take my number of years of study into double digits. Nerd! My proudest moment in my career so far was the day I received my Tax Agent Licence. After all the years of study nothing compares to this day. Obtaining the certificate meant that I could earn my own income in my own name. It was the fresh start I needed!  This early experience in art gives me a different perspective. I believe it makes me a little more interesting than your regular accountant nerd. If you are looking for something a little bit different contact me today! I’ll do your tax whilst talking about art if you like!