myGov account – Is your account active?

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This Tax Time will herald a new wave of change. myGov will change the way you interact with the ATO this year more than any year since it’s inception. myGov is a secure way to access online government agencies including Medicare, Centrelink and the ATO. By linking the government agencies you currently use in the […]

Xero Tips & Tricks to help your business

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Are you a current Xero user? In this blog we discuss some tips for bank reconciliation in Xero, which can be challenging at times. There are a number of features available in Xero to make working on your bank reconciliation a breeze. The following three features will give you an overview of how painless your […]

Do you know your Business Break Even Point?

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Running a small business is not a easy task. Any business owner would agree. I have conversations about this every day with my clients as we discuss various things. I was recently discussing break even point with a client, as I realized they had not worked out what this was for them. Break Even Point […]

Myth vs Fact – Unicorns or Tax?

Tax Myths

Have you ever watched that show Mythbusters? They take common myths and try and prove them to be true or just Myths. Someone really should make one about tax. Often I hear ‘someone told me’ or ‘my friend thinks’, or the best line ‘someone down the pub told me’. The best person to ask is […]

3 Easy Steps to Prepare for your BAS

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Are you unsure on what information you need to provide to your accountant each BAS period? Do you find the thought of BAS preparation a daunting experience? There’s no need to fear. This blog is to help you get prepared for your BAS. This way you will get the best result out of your BAS. […]

We Have Grown!


The worst keep secret here at Start Fresh these last few weeks has been that we have grown! My new employee Nicole started three weeks ago and finally I’m getting around to officially introduce her. She is a Senior Accountant and will be helping me prepare accounts and returns for my clients.   Nicole has […]

6 Common Accounting Mistakes

6 Common Accounting Mistakes

Many clients come to me for advice when something has happened, or a mistake has been made. These things can often be avoided with good advice and planning. For today’s blog I discuss the six most common accounting mistakes I see; Not planning ahead for BAS Many clients get caught out when BAS time rolls […]

Reports to Monitor your Business Success

Small Business Financial Reports Start Fresh Accounting

Financial reports can be complex and sometimes useless to you because you don’t know what to look for or how to read them. It’s important that you get some use out of them when you have paid to have them prepared.  It’s also a great way to monitor how your business is going. By using […]

Tax Tips for Busy Teachers

Teachers Tax Tips Start Fresh Accounting

Teachers Tax Tips   Some Tax Agents specialize in certain industries. I prepare returns for a range of industries, however I am slowly becoming an expert at teachers tax deductions. I didn’t realize this was happening until 2017 tax time. I have about 30-50 teachers on my database. The deductions are very similar. Which means when […]