Are you suffering from Procrastination?

After the Christmas Holidays I really struggled getting back into work, sticking to routines, and being accountable again. Three weeks of doing nothing but reading books, swimming, and eating was exactly what I needed after the busy year I had in 2015. Nevertheless it was a challenge to get back into the office, and be productive.  I am a major procrastinator. You might find that strange considering my logical accounting brain. I don’t procrastinate about the numbers. It’s everything else I generally drag my feet on. Like writing blogs! Let’s start 2016 off strong and ditch the procrastination.  Everyone throws around the expression “work smarter, not harder”, but what does that actually look like? What actions can you stop doing to help you become more productive? This is my top four things I am trying to stop doing this year. 1. Delaying important tasks.I love checklists. They are important to schedule my day and prioritise my work. How many of you complete the easiest items first? I do. This year I will turn this on its head and tackle the big ticket items first thing.  2. Impulsive social media browsing.This is a big one for me; as social media becomes a huge part of my business. It’s so easy to get distracted and browse on impulse instead of purpose. My tip for 2016 – write any ideas down and set aside time to search all these ideas.  3. Sitting all day.Being an accountant and Tax Agent I am often sitting for long periods. Yes I stretch and get moving when I can, but it’s not enough. Moving and changing the scenery gets your brain thinking and drives new ideas. I watched a fantastic TED talk on something called a “Walking Meeting“. I love this idea, of going for a walking meeting to free up the mindset.  4. Trying to get things perfect.Perfectionism is important for an accountant as it results in the best outcome for the client. However for everything else I need to do for my business, I need to ditch the perfectionism!  What are you procrastinating about? Tax & Accounting? Never fear, Start Fresh is here! Contact us today to get it sorted, and check off one of your do-to items.