Are you Scared of your Accountant?

I had an interesting reaction from a client the other day. As soon as she saw me she physically jumped and said “I need to get my tax done!” I like the fact that she thinks of tax when she sees me, however it’s obvious she has been procrastinating about this, and is feeling bad about leaving it late.  I wanted to write this blog to ensure all those who are similar to the client above, I’m Not Scary! I want to help. I want to ensure you don’t have any returns outstanding, and nothing is holding you back financially.  Here’s the top 5 reasons why people put off doing their tax; 1. “I have tax payable”It’s a hurdle for a lot of clients – the need to pay tax at the end of the year. In fact the majority of clients I see between February and June are in this category. Never fear! There is always options and solutions for this to take away the pain or fear.  2. “My Tax is Complex”I understand that not everyone has an accounting mind. That’s a great thing for me. An accountant can make it less complex for you.  Accountants love a challenge therefore the more complicated, the more we get to express those skills we are blessed with.  3. “I’m too busy”We all use this excuse for many things in life and I hear it often about client’s tax. Lodging your tax is a necessity, what’s the saying “two things are certain in life, taxes and death”. Make it easier by dropping in your paperwork, organise it to be collected, email the important paperwork through.  4. “Things have changed for me”All things in life go through change, including your tax affairs. Have you changed jobs, started a new business, or spilt from your spouse? Don’t let that hold you back from preparing your tax. Accountants have the skills to ensure everything that is reported is up to date and in line with your circumstances.  5. “It’s a mess”Do you use a shoebox, a drawer, or a glove compartment? I’m here to tell you that it’s okay. As long as your paperwork, particularly receipts, are kept in a place they won’t fade. Don’t use a plastic bag, your car dashboard, or anywhere the sun can get to them.  5.a “It’s a mess”I also have clients who come in saying this, and when they pull out their paperwork, it’s categorised, in a folder, month by month. There is the cliché that accountants like things completely organised, and sorted, and yes that is true sometimes of myself. However, I don’t expect this from clients, and I don’t need it to prepare your tax. As long as you bring all the paperwork needed I’m a happy little Tax Agent! Not sure what to bring? Check out my blog on this topic here.