Are you getting a Tax Refund?

I was chatting to another accountant today and he said a really interesting thing. He said clients often think of us as the person who is cutting a deal with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO),  and people shop around for the person who gets you the best deal. Whilst I love a good deal, I do think this thought is a little worrying. I will always strive to get the best result for you as the client, and will act on your behalf with the ATO.  I use my knowledge and experience to prepare your tax return with your best interests at heart. I can’t actually get a better deal than the next accountant, our results may vary due to a difference in experience and skill. And sometimes a willingness to blur the lines. An accountants willingness to blur the lines will only harm you as the client, as it may be questioned later. I understand the thresholds, limits, rates, and substantiation needs of a tax return. I will use this knowledge to ensure you get the best result, and this may be a different result from your last accountant.  Last Tax Time I had so many clients say “wow that is the best tax refund ever”. I love getting praise like this, and hopefully you can say this too when you come see me. However, if I have to tell you you have tax payable, know that I have done everything to make sure this is the best result for you.  Want to see what I can do for you this tax time? Book Online Now