A Favourite Recipe from Amy

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Cheese Log I recently made this for a function and as always everyone wanted the recipe. A favourite in our house during the holiday season, and I always make sure we make extra so we can freeze for later.  Ingredients250g Philadelphia cream cheesehalf a carton of sour creamhalf a cup of mayonnaise200g grated tasty cheese60g or more shredded ham or other meats (salami)3 Spring Onions slicedSesame seedsCurry Powder 1. Beat cream cheese, sour cream and mayonnaise in a small bowl until smooth.2. Stir in cheese, ham, spring onions, mix well.3. Shape mixture into a log, and roll in a mixture of curry powder and sesame seeds. 4. Wrap log in foil and refrigerate several hours.It can keep in fridge for several days, and longer in the freezer. Serve with crackers, or vegetable sticks.  Enjoy!