10 weeks and counting!!!!!

Tax Time 2016 is coming!!! Okay. So I am a little excited.Yes I am a nerd for tax. But there’s a good reason for this! Tax Time allows me to see 95% of my clients in the space of three to four months. I see the majority of clients during July-October because I love doing Individual Tax Returns. Sitting with a client for 30-60 minutes once a year allows me to get to know them, and develop a relationship quickly.  I love when clients come back too, this means I can to catch up on whats happening in their world. I have seen multiple births, marriages, budding relationships, breakups, and friendships over my many years of doing tax returns. Talking to clients is my favourite thing about Tax Time. The numbers are important too, and I love getting good results for clients.  It’s important to point out that a good accountant is not the one who gets you the biggest refund. I can never guarantee a refund, because every client circumstances are different. It’s up to me to get the best result with those circumstances. I take pride in striving to get the best result, no matter what position you are in. If your tax position is crappy, I strive to help you improve this, and look at things holistically.  To get you prepared for Tax Time 2016 follow these tips:

  • Update your contact details with your employer, health insurance provider, share or managed fund manager, and your accountant. This ensures you receive the necessary paperwork in time for preparing your tax.
  • Check your professional associations are current, your union dues are paid, or any industry related membership is paid up.  These will generally be deductible so make sure you have paid them and have receipts for the expense.
  • Prepare your Log book. If you use your car for work (and this is generally not driving to and from work), you need to have a current log book. A log book stays current for three years, or when you change positions or cars. Start the log book now, you can prepare it into the new financial year and use it for your 2016 tax.
  • Review your equipment. Do you need new computers, tools, boots, or uniforms? If your cash flow allows you, purchase new equipment where needed, ensuring it is work related. Not sure? Ask Me.

Watch Start Fresh Accounting’s Facebook page for more tips to help prepare for Tax Time 2016. As my excitement builds I will be sharing more tips to help you get the most out of your Tax this year.  I can’t wait to see you all!